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Based on a gross misunderstanding of one employee’s activities that was never corrected, a subsequent year-long destructive invasion of the employee’s privacy, violation of privacy laws, and defamation of character, ending in wrongful dismissal of an innocent employee in good standing, one can justifiably wonder if anyone was supervising at BNY Mellon Wealth Management’s technology division where the former employee worked.

Evidently BNY Mellon Wealth Management’s negligent supervision of staff has resulted in a situation in which multiple important laws and regulations continue to be violated. BNY Mellon’s response has been indifferent and overly confident, deciding to remedy the situation only if the former employee demonstrates what they consider to be sufficient evidence for a successful civil suit. Otherwise, they will not offer to compensate for their actions, even while acknowledging culpability.

If this is how BNY Mellon Wealth Management treats employees and manages risk, has it not occurred to them that some may wonder if BNY Mellon will demonstrate the same judgement and act with similar integrity in managing their client’s wealth?


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