Lar genetics: dna analysis by southern blot and pulse field gel electrophoresis hybridization, pcr analysis, cloning of genomic and cdna, cdna selection approach, mutation screening techniques (sscp and heteroduplex analysis, protein truncation test), dhplc, direct sequencing rna analysis by northern blotting, dot blotting, rt-pcr and realtime-pcr. lilly viagra tablets Functional studies by means of gene vectors for luciferase activity assays; microrna biological studies by transfection of mirna precursors and anti-mirna. Dna, mrna and protein analysis by bioinformatics tools. viagra for sale pfizer Fellowships 1988-1992 phd fellow in molecular and cellular biology (university of milan) 1993-1994 post doctoral fellow (university of milan) 1994-1997 post lauream school in medical genetics fellow (university of milan) scientific activity study of chordoma tumorigenesis addressing prognostic markers and pharmacological targets identification chordoma is a rare malignant bone tumor arising from notochord remnants, characterized by local invasiveness, variable tendency for recurrence and chemoresistance. viagra for sale online cheap Given the implication of apoptosis in notochord regression, we hypothesized that fas/fasl pathway was dysregulated during notochord development/regression. The finding that most tumors didn't express fasl supports this hypothesis and prompted us to investigate the expression of the two genes during zebrafish (danio rerio) development to address functional studies aimed at silencing these two genes. viagra online australia Correlation studies between specific genetic lesions (1p36 loh) and tumor recurrence or patients' death will be carry out with the final aim of identifying prognostic markers addressing tumor treatment. viagra for sale Post transcriptional regulation of cdk5r1 gene and possibile oathogenetic implication in neurodegenerative diseases cdk5r1 encodes p35, an activator of cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (cdk5) and displays a very large 3'utr, in which we identified functional post. viagra online australia Trasncriptional regulatory au-rich elements (are) and 103/107 microrna target sites, besides the prediction of further mirna target sites. cheap viagra Increased activity of cdk5 and hyperphosphorylation of tau protein associated to microtubule in neurofibrillary tangles, as well as a descresed level of mir107 were observed in ad brains. generic viagra without prescription The possible co-deregulation of mir107 and cdk5r1 in ad and the cdk5 phosphorylation activity on tau, since now unexplored, will be investigated. generic viagra Genotype-phenotype correlation of genes and molecular pathways involved in noonan and neurofibromatosis type1 syndromes nf1 microdeletion syndrome accounts for 5-10% of patients affected with neurofibromatosis type 1. viagra online This genetic lesion, involving the nf1 and flanking genes, is associated to the expression of a complex clinical phenotype, including in most cases mental retardation. viagra online australia