Ol the rhythm, what would you do? Live with the heart rhythm, take coumadin (warfarin) for the rest of your life to avoid a blood clot or stroke. Have your blood tested every few weeks to regulate the amount of coumadin you take. generic viagra online pharmacies You'll probably be on other drugs to try to control the atrial fibrillation. You could be tired and without energy, even feel like you will pass out when you are in the rhythm. buying cheap viagra online Choose to have an convergent procedure, an ablation that may present you with the opportunity to not take coumadin and other medications. You will have anesthesia for the procedure and wake up when the procedure is completed. Your length of stay for this procedure will be 3 - 4 days. Quickcutters says: i would do what ever my dr's thought best for me to do. cheap viagra online I would get different opinons for me make the best one. My husband has a fib and he chose not to do anything. viagra no prescription I don't know why but he doesn't want to be on medications etc.. Alleycatlane says: for now i am taking pradaxa, and am doing pretty well. It's good to know that there is a minimally invasive procedure that can be done should my condition worsen. Kokotravel says: i am not an unbiased observer, but my choice is obvious. I would choose the ablation convergent procedure. generic viagra online pharmacies   share this conversation stumbleupon facebook myspace twitter digg delicious rss email thanks for sounding off! Want to share your comment and get others in on the conversation? Twitter it or email it: enter their email address here:   add another recipient submit cancel close books on ablation surgery heart rhythms, atrial fibrillation and ablation blogs here are the latest blog postings on heart rhythms and ablations. Do you have atrial fibrillation? safe cut viagra pill half Would you like to share what it is like living with atrial fibrillation? viagra canada Submit reply quickcutters oct 23, 2011 @ 4:09 am | delete i do not as far as i know, as i said before i would do what i needed to do. But my husband does have a fib. And he will not do anything about it. I just don't understand that. I think this lens should get the purple star also. viagra from canada pharmacy Great work. Reply kokotravel oct 23, 2011 @ 11:13 am | delete we all have a different process for making dicisions. I see it frequently with regards to choices that pertain to one's health... From what people eat, how much they eat to smoking - and even to ignoring issues thinking that. pfizer viagra sales cheap generic viagra